Why Flyfishing is like Rugby and Lakensvlei Techniques

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Why Flyfishing is like Rugby
A chance remark on the water got me thinking.
On being congratulated on hooking a fish, the gent replied "let me see if if I can convert this fish first", meaning that it only counts when he has it in the net.
Having dropped the ball on four fish that morning so far, it became obvious.
Four tries and no conversions!

Lakenvlei Techniques
Competitive fisherman will espouse that the drift boat technique is the most effective way to catch fish on stillwaters.
However, it usually followed buy the caveat "if you find the fish". But it is also the most effective way of finding fish, they say.

lakenvlei sunsetNo, the most effective way of finding fish is with a fishfinder!

And the most efficient method of fishing is from a float tube, [HERESY ALERT] and trolling / trawling a streamer.
Whether it is the steadily moving fly (witness the amount of fish caught while reeling in your line), or the wake created by your fins, something makes it unbeatable.
Not very sporting you cry. Yes, it is'nt exactly drifting a dry fly downstream, but my point is about efficiency and effectiveness.

lakenvlei rainbow troutWhat you want is not a streamer that looks like a baitfish, but something fish hate, and will not hesitate to attack.
Blobs and other monstrosities are best. My WPLJ fly (White P@3n and Lemon Juice) was just the ticket.

Olive / white versions in the morning, Blue at midday and Orange / Yellow at dusk could not go wrong.
Blue on a bright day in clear water has always worked for me.



Only when my last WPLJ was brutally snatched from me, did the fishing slow down.

White Prawn and Lemon Juice Fly

What a relaxing way to fish, sitting comfortably in an armchair, with beautiful scenery on a warm sunny day.
Sitting on the bank, slow retrieving damselfly imitations is also very good, but not as good.

Lakenvlei is fishing well at present, but remember due to cost of having to stock big fish, it is catch and release only.