Something magical always happens at Lakenvlei Dam

 2018-08-23 03:48 PM by

A few weeks ago I was sitting peacefully on the rocks near the pump house, waiting for a fly to sink, or perhaps contemplating my navel.
Then, under the blue, a MONSTER fish comes out of the water at my feet and looks at me for a second.
OK, it wasn't a monster fish but a young otter, and as soon as it had seen me, it shot off again in the direction it arrived.
It is always the case of who got the bigger fright.

Last weekend I was fishing towards dead wood bay when I picked up a bass. It was duly dispatched and 'released' back into the water.
About an half hour later I was fishing near a friend when I pointed out a fish eagle above us, which was slowly descended to above dead wood bay where it commenced circling.
"Go on, find my bass" I called to it as it circled.
After a few circuits I remarked that the bass had probably sunk, when the eagle dropped again,
casually put out one foot and picked up the bass.
Now that is awesome....I fed the fish eagle.