Olifants River Clanwilliam Yellowfish

 2018-08-23 03:48 PM by

In my ongoing quest for a trophy Clanwilliam yellowfish, I recently did a trip to the upper Olifants River.
After a day of strenuous hiking down the mountain and a few km's upstream the score was zero.
The upper Olifants is another one of those beautiful places to not catch fish, and in places it resembles the Holsloot before the flood.

olifants river fishing western cape
Space for a back cast is limited, so the dedicated swim to a rock in a pool to be able to cast at the head.

Despite the blank, later that day I was able to fish the Ratel river, a tributary of the Olifants, after an obligatory cold beer and a nap.
To my delight, I was able to add a new species to my list, a sawfin.

clanwilliam sawfin olifants river
A pretty little sawfin, caught with Tenkara rod

To the best of my knowledge, the upper Olifants, via Beaverlac and a long walk, is the closest spot to Cape Town to target Clanwilliams, although I suspect one would have to walk much further up the river than we did. Only one fish was spotted, but that doesn't mean there weren't more.
On the positive side, we only saw a few small bass in one pool.