Lakenvlei Traffic Jam

 2017-10-27 08:10 AM by

When you drive out to Lakenvlei and have turned off to Bo-Swaarmoed, you seldom see much traffic.
Unless it snows! Then the hordes come out, line both sides of the road and generally create havoc, especially when cars are stuck in the mud at regular intervals.

lakenvlei snow fly fishing

The weather on the morning before the snow was fantastic, no wind, no fish. But quite cold
lakenvlei trout fishing western cape

The afternoon weather was even colder with strong winds pushing the boat at about 4km/h even with a big drogue out.
Fishing was far better, but we lasted just over an hour and a half before we chucked in for a warm hut and a hot stew.

lakenvlei trout fishing snow western cape lakenvlei trout fishing western cape