Jan du Toits River and Waaihoek Fire

April 2016

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jan du toit
The area looks rather post-apocalypic as the fire left very little behind.
It is eerily silent, without the calls of birds or insects, or the rustle of leaves.
There are few animal tracks other than porcupines, and probably the only hare to survive was munched by a leopard.
Along the river bed some vegetation survived and the thorny asparagus bushes and ferns are starting to show.
Other than the odd bit of green, the only other colour is the red of the paintbrush bulbs and lillies.
jan du toits river fire jan du toits river fire
jan du toits river fire
The rocks that are sheltered from the small spatter of rain since the fire have quite a bit of ash piled on them

Poached Fish
The fish are all missing, and I can only surmise that they have been poached.
Not poached as in stolen, but poached during the fire.
If they wern't literally cooked in the stream, they would more than likely have suffered oxygen deprivation as the water temperature increased.
The aquatic inverebrate life was most likely also effected.
It is not all bad news, as the main bits of riverine 'forest' survived, and the very top part of the stream escaped the fire.
Thus a few fish will have survived, but I would suggest that it would take few years for the river to heal.

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