Jan du Toit's River after the fire and the Flood

 2017-11-06 09:42 AM by

A previous blog reported back on the state of the river after the fire, see http://www.img/flyfishingshop.co.za/jan-du-toits-river-and-waaihoek-fire-1652.html
In mid December I was able to visit again, and the change is remarkable.

jan du toits river
A dead tree in contrast with green grass and shrubs after the fire

The fishing has improved on the lower reaches, and turning over rocks shows that the extra silt and food that washed down after the fire must have increased the available food, as they are teeming with life. Some insects that were were rare before are now numerous.
Some areas of the river are unrecognisable, others the same. Many large pools in the upper section have been filled in, and some lovely new runs have been 'included'.

jan du toits river jan du toits river

The amount of gravel has also increased and is evidenced by the amount of trout fry in the river.
If the food lasts the next two or three years should be very good for fishing

jan du toits river

jan du toits river

With the slopes denuded from the fire the winter runoff was very severe and in some places boulders the size of cars have been rolled down the river.
One tiny tributary has become a 4 lane freeway of boulder rubble and swept a beautiful forest away.

jan du toits river
Standing in the new river where the forest used to be.

jan du toits river
A dedicated tenkari gets deep into the water to fish a difficult spot

jan du toits river
The monkey man keeps an eye over the overhang camp and ensures that those who make fires get attacked by fleas.